Setting Up A SendGrid SMTP

One of the things that you need to send an email from your application is a SMTP provider. In this post I'll show how to setup a free SMTP using SendGrid.

1. Create your SendGrid Account

1 Welcome.PNG


2. Start creating your SMTP Relay

2 SMTP Relay.PNG


3. Name your API Key

Usually I name it with the domain I'm using.

3 Create Key.PNG


4. Verify Your Integration

In this step we will verify our domain to let SendGrid know that we are the owner of the domain. Click the Get Started button in "Authenticate Your Domain".

4 Verify Integration.PNG 5 Sender Authentication.PNG


5. Select Your DNS Provider

Select your DNS provider from the list. Also, select Yes for the brand link for this domain. This will include your brand in your SendGrid address

6 Authenticate Domain.PNG


6. Enter Your Domain

7 Authenticate Domain 2.PNG


7. Add The Given Values To Your DNS Records

The values given by SendGrid needs to be added in your DNS records as part of their verification and relay settings. If you do not know where exactly that is you can forward it to your IT or ask for a technical support from your DNS provider.

8 Install DNS Records.PNG


8. Verify Your Domain

If all the DNS records are in place you should be able to get this message.

9 Verified.PNG


9. Use Your SMTP Credentials

In my case I have a C#.Net Web Application so I add my SMTP credentials to my web.config


SendGrid free account will allow you to send 100 emails per day.

Hope this helps! 

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