Umbraco Models Builder

How to setup Umbraco models builder

They said when writing a blog always have an introduction but we are programmers. We don't have time to read intro, Go and proceed to the steps now.

UPDATE: for Visual Studio 2019

Step 1 - Install Visual Studio Extension

  • Download Visual Studio extension using this link.
  • After installation go to Tools>Options>Umbraco>ModelsBuilder Options and configure the url to your website (eg., username and password with an Umbraco user that has permission to the developer section.
Models Builder options.png

Step 2 - Install Nuget packages 

  • Web Project
  • Services Project (Project where you want to see your umbraco models)

Step 3 - Add the following in your web.config appsettings

<add key="Umbraco.ModelsBuilder.Enable" value="true" />
<add key="Umbraco.ModelsBuilder.EnableApi" value="true" />
<add key="Umbraco.ModelsBuilder.ModelsMode" value="Nothing" />

Check Models Builder Dashboard in Umbraco


Step 4 - Create Models Builder directory

Project > UmbracoModels (Folder) > Builder.cs


Step 5 - Setup Models Builder Custom Tool

1. Right click Builder.cs
2. Add UmbracoModelsBuilder to the Custom tool the save
3. Right click "Run Custom Tool"

Done. This should generate your models under the Builder.cs


Here some other links for your reference. Oops. not that link. the links below. ;)

  • Sample Project:
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