Finding A Job In UAE

How to find a job in UAE

Getting a job here in UAE is challenging. Here are tips to get you started.

Look for jobs in the following websites:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Bayt
  3. Stackoverflow Careers
  4. Who Is Hiring
  5. Digital Gurus
  6. - This is not a job site rather a tool to find a company you like in the UAE. This will show a map of UAE, click any building and view the companies that are in that building (Look for an area related to your field. e.g Internet City - IT, TECOM - Marketing), google the company name and apply to their career's page.

Try to avoid looking for jobs in Dubizzle. Maliliit na company lang kasi nasa Dubizzle and madami company nanloloko.

How much salary should you ask for your first job?

You should get a minimum of 7000 AED. Now, that’s only the minimum. Try asking for 10,000+ AED salary, if they can't provide that amount they will probably just tell you the maximum salary that they can give for that position. If they did not respond properly (violent reaction, laughed or slurred) then you wouldn't want to be in that company. :)

Try to remember that the cost of living here in Dubai is 5x (in my estimate) of the Philippines. Check this post out How Much Do You Make in Dubai. It will give you an idea on how much different nationalities ask for their salary.

Tips on how to make the job find you

  1. Build your network - knowing the RIGHT people always gives you an advantage.

  2. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated - I've been receiving messages and calls from head hunters at least 2x a month. Your profile will always appear on head hunter's search in LinkedIn if you are constantly adding new connections, liking, adding and sharing posts. I keep adding CEO, CTO and HR's within my industry. (Pag trabaho nakahanap sayo mas may karapatan ka to ask for the salary that you want.)

  3. Invest in yourself - Acquire certifications, join meetups ( and win startup competitions (

IMPORTANT: Some of these tips are only applicable for applicants who are already here in UAE.

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