Things To Do In Iceland


1. Rent a 4WD

It's hard to go around the ring road without car so it's well worth it to rent one plus you'll get to see those sights in hard to get places.

2. Travel with a group

It's much more fun going around Iceland with a group and it will also make the trip safer plus you can switch driver whenever someone gets tired driving.

3. Bring a tent, sleeping bag and a camping mat

Hotels are quite expensive in Iceland so It's a good idea to just camp after a good day of exploring. Make sure your tent is water proof, sleeping bag can handle less than 5°C and a camping mat will elevate you from the ground a bit so you can stay dry. Camp sites in Iceland can cost around 1300 kronus per person.

4. Cook your own food

In time always eating in a restaurant can get quite expensive so it's a good idea to cook you own food. You can do your groceries in Bonus the local grocery which is available in every town. It's also handy to bring a portable stove and eating utensils with you. We saved a lot of money by just cooking our own food.

5. Wear a triclimate jacket and a water proof boots.

It's raining everyday in Iceland but its also cold so it's better to bring a jacket that can handle the rain and cold.

6. Stay up until you get tired

The sun never sets when we where there in June 2018. So take advantage of the midnight sun and keep exploring Iceland until you get tired.

7. Don't follow your itinerary like it's written in stone

There are loads of things to see in Iceland and some of the good ones shows up in random places. Make sure to stop, let the moment sink in and enjoy the views.






Places to go to

1. Öxarárfoss
2. þórufoss
3. Glymur
4. Kirkjufell
5. Kolugljúfur Canyon
6. Goðafoss
7. Dettifoss
8. Grjótagjá
9. Hverfjall
10. Námafjall
11. Víti
12. Hengifoss
13. Viking Village
14. Fjallsárlón Iceberg
15. Svartifoss
16. Fjaðrárgljúfur
17. Eldhraun
18. Reynisfjara Beach
19. Solheimasandur Plane Wreck
20. Rutshellir Caves
21. Seljalandsfoss
22. Gullfoss
23. Geysir
24. Bruarfoss
25. Kerið
26. Krisuvikurberg Cliffs
27. Blue Lagoon
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