Moving To Antwerp Belgium

There are a few things to consider when moving to another country. In this post, I wrote some tips based on my experience when moving to Antwerp, Belgium.

1. Get a permanent address as soon as you can.

From processing your residence permit to opening a bank account all of them requires a permanent address. Try to settle your permanent address as soon as you can or even better, before you get here. Most of the real estate agencies I dealt with would only ask your work contract and copy of your passport.

2. Open a bank account. 

If you don't have a euro account yet, you will need it to receive your salary. 

I opened my account with BNP Parabis Fortis. it's free for a year for expats and you can submit your application online. You will need to send them soft copies of your passport, work contract and house lease contract.

3. Residence permit process

After processing your work permit, the next step would be to process your residence permit. This include registration to the city hall and foreign affairs. 

During this process, your address will be checked by the police after the 2nd week of your registration in the city hall. They usually do their check on Saturday to avoid conflict with your work timing. They will ask you to show some identification such as your passport .

For the foreign affairs I had to go to Maurice Dequeeckerplein 1, 2100 Antwerpen, Belgium together with my Bijlage 46 and the letter from the Mayor of Antwerp (These documents where provided on initial registration by my company after we received my work permit). You will pay 23 Euros for the registration.

They gave me another appointment after 3 weeks to pick up my residence permit. Within this 3 weeks your will receive your pin code for your residence permit. You also need this pin code to pick up your residence card.

That's all for my tips in moving to Antwerp for now. I'll add new ones on my next post. Till next time.


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