Sky Dive Dubai

My Skydive Experience

This is easily the most thrilling and exciting experience I had in my life so far. Time will stop the moment you jump off the plane.

But after that it's pure bliss. The moment you realize that you have no choice but to embrace the moment. Fear will be replaced with happiness and time seems to slow down.

You will feel that you are flying. The feeling of weightlessness cannot be explained by words.

When the chute deploys and adrenaline is still in your veins that's the time you will feel your excitement and how crazy it was to jump off an airplane. 

Together with that is the stunning view of Dubai and the complete view of the Palm island.

I will never forget when I saw Burj Khalifa so small like it was a miniature toy.

Truly an unforgettable experience. 

If you want to try it out here are some tips to get you started.


1. Plan ahead and book your experience ahead of schedule. 

- It is always fully booked and you cannot just walk into the place on the same day. Book your experience weeks before your planned jump.

- You can book your jump using this link.

2.  My jump was cancelled twice because of bad weather. 

- I don't mind if they cancelled my jump. If it's for my safety I wouldn't argue with it. :)

- But I needed to wait for a few more weeks for my next schedule.

3.  I saw some people that did not jump. They basically threw their 2000 AED into the bin.

- Make sure your mind is set on doing it.

Good luck and Enjoy!



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