Trip to Porto Portugal

If you are a looking for a chill trip where you'll enjoy dining outside with an amazing glass of wine then you're looking for Porto, Portugal. Porto combines amazing food, culture and great architectures. The city has a great vibe, friendly people and nice places to hangout. Porto is not a main stream tourist destination yet so if you are planning to visit better do it now.


1. Visit landmarks and historical buildings.

Porto has a lot of historical buildings and amazing landmarks and one them is the bridge of Ponte Luis. It span across Douro river and connects Porto in the north back and Gaia in the south bank. You can walk across the bridge and have a view of both city. I have seen one the most beautiful sunset from this bridge.

2. Shop artwork

There are a lot of art shops in Porto and each one of them have something unique to offer. You can walk around these area to visit the shops.

3. Wine Tasting

Portugal is proud of their wine and one the best places to see where its made is in Gaia. Its a street with wine cellars all around and they give free wine tasting all day. 

4. Dining by the Douro river

 I never get disappointed with the food in Portugal but to make the experience better you can dine beside the Douro river and have a view of Ponte Luis bridge. There will lots of restaurant in the area of Bairro Da Ribeira.

5. Bar hoping

Bars in Porto are a great place to catch up with friends, share stories and drink beers. One of the most active bar that I visited is Espaco 77. It's a fun and exciting place where people gather around share stories and drink beer. The most popular beer in Porto is Super Bock but there's a lot of local brew as well.


1. Learn a few Portuguese words

Learning how to say thank you (obrigado) and how to ask direction can go a long way.

2. Cash is king

Not all shops accept credit card.

3. Walk, walk and walk.

The city has a lot of hidden gems which will make your trip special. So just keep walking in any direction and enjoy the city.


1. Ponte Luis
2. Igreja do Carmo
3. Porto Sao Bento
4. Rotunda da Boavista
5. Porto Cathedral
6. Homem do Leme Beach
7. Ponte da Arrabida
8. Livraria Lello
8. Aliados
9. Torre dos Clerigos
10. Fonte dos Leoes
11. Camara Municipal do Porto


Ponte De Luis Porto from the deck Porto Church Porto Municipal Porto Combent Ponte Luis Bridge Hall Porto Train Station Porto Station Library University



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