Things that makes me busy

What Am I Doing Now

I'm in Dubai, UAE working as a Software Engineer trying to establish my habits and working on my long term goals.

These are the things that I spend my time the most:

  • Work - I'm employed and spend most of my time in the office creating websites and software applications. I actually do not consider it as work since I'm very passionate about programming.
  • BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) - I try to stay fit by eating healthy and working out regularly. I have chosen BJJ as my go to workout because it's strategic and a disciplined martial arts.
  • Freelance/Business - taking on freelance projects and started working on creating a passive income business.
  • Family and Friends - I make sure to spend time with my loved ones, have a good laugh, delicious dinner, great company and making sure that I'm keeping track of what's important which is keeping yourself connected with family and friends.
  • Investments/Finances - Keeping myself updated with market trends, making sure my investments are doing well and looking after new investment opportunities.
  •  Travel - travel is how I keep myself spontaneous. It makes me understand the world better and discover things that you will never know if you stay at home.

These are my main priorities right now.

I am always open to new opportunities as I highly value spontaneity and growth. However I would like to spend most of my time with these activities and would say no to the majority of requests that comes in my way.

This is a public declaration and a reminder to my self of my current goals.

I will be updating these activities whenever it changes.

Last updated was December 22, 2018.